Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Trip to Panama

We went on the annual trip last year through our seed company's sales incentive program to Panama City, Panama. They use a travel company called Summit Planners, and they are remarkable!  Everything usually goes like clockwork, and we don't have to worry about a thing. 

The company chartered 3-5  planes for the huge group signed up to go and we were routed to the Howard Air Force Base in Panama due to our numbers figuring it would be less confusion and less crowded at the main airport. The base was closed in 1999 when it was turned over to the Panamanians.  I was told that the only plane that usually flies into there now is the President on Air Force One. Boy did we feel special :).

We stayed at the beautiful and all-inclusive Westin Playa Bonita. 

Real nice place, but with our group it was almost too overcrowded.  If you weren't down at the pool by 7 a.m. to claim a lounge, you were usually out of luck for the day.  Hello!  I'm on vacation, I want to sleep in with no worries whether I'll be able to sit poolside later that day!  It was a little selfish too, that some claimed the loungers (towels, belongings laid on them), then left for an excursion for many hours. 

The first evening there while walking on the beach, we noticed a line of lights across the pacific that we assumed was part of the mainland or an island.  The next day we realized it was actually the line of ships waiting to go through the Panama Canal.  Just amazing!  I only regret that we did not go on the tour to see the Canal.

One evening my DH and I went with 3 other couples to downtown Panama City and to check out a casino.  Inside the casino, I was dumbstruck by how obvious the 'girls' were, dressed in their mini skirts looking for their next client.  Apparently it is legal there??   Kept my hand on my guy, yessir!