Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ladies Night Out

When my daughter was younger, I was involved in a lot of organizations, mainly gearing towards children.  I used to belong to a group called the Ohio Child Conservation League in our community and through that I ended up gaining some fantastic friendships with members.  Although no longer involved with that club, me and 3 of my friends and former co-members get together once a month and do something fun and go out to eat.  We usually do this on a Thursday evening, and although it gets a little hard to find different activities to try, we are never lacking a new restaurant to check out.

We have had some good times going through a corn maze in the Fall,
visiting local wineries, attending theatrical plays, participating in Chocolate Walks and Spring Flings in neighboring towns, and lots of SHOPPING in locally owned small shops.  We are women after all! !

Also, being women, we love to eat.  On occasion I will try something new, but the big joke when we order is that "Chris will get the chicken tenders and Dena will get a Reuben".   I am an open book, they read me so well, but one of these days I will surprise them and expand my horizons.  :)
Great pizza @ Rosalies Roadhouse ~ Jonesville, MI

The moral of this story though, is you gotta have friends.  Set time aside for you and your girlfriends and do something fun and different.  Maybe even change the dipping sauce.  

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