Monday, October 6, 2014

Midwest Meanderings

To get my husband to go on vacations with me, I try to plan for destinations that have things he would enjoy. So being a farmer, the last three summer flings have included trips to Iowa and Illinois, and I think we've seen just about every single John Deere plant in the Midwest.   

As we headed to Ankeny, Iowa,  for a tour of the JD Des Moines Works plant we had to stop in Le Claire for a look-see at the new building at Antique Archaeology (our third visit to the store made famous on American Pickers).  

We then headed up to Bloomington, Minnesota to cross off an item on my bucket list.  I've always wanted to see the Mall of America and see how big it is. 

Sure it is big, but I guess I wasn't in the mood to shop, because all I bought was a souvenir t-shirt.  Got a LOT of walking in though!

Onward to our next stop in the Wisconsin Dells.  Beautiful area!

Highly recommend taking a tour on the Original Wisconsin Ducks and the Jet Boat tour.  So much fun!  

As we headed towards home we made a little pit stop in Roscoe, IL to visit the Historic Auto Attractions museum.

This is a MUST SEE.  A lot of history here and amazing celebrity vehicles. I was highly impressed with it.  I've already started surfing for ideas for our next adventure.  He's even already given me hints on what section of the states to look next.  Quack, quack!

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