Tuesday, April 17, 2012

One Woman's Trash.....

Every spring I have a big garage sale with my sisters and in-laws.  I love doing it, displaying items and being able to 'recycle' things.  I really hate just throwing things away when somebody, somewhere out there might be able to use them.  We are such a wasteful society now.  Although I'm not happy with myself after going through dresser drawers and realizing I have 2 sock drawers and some of them have been in there so long and are in bad shape.  How the heck did I end up with 2 sock drawers??

We have an old Hoosier cabinet that through the years we've thrown a lot of different things in its drawers.  I have NO idea what some of these wires and screws even go to anymore.  And those batteries must have been well hidden, because they have an expiration date of 2008!

While I go through drawers and boxes, I usually put in a dvd and this morning I'm watching the 6th season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm".  I think this show is giving me ulcers, but I just can't stop watching, lol.   Nobody can be that obnoxious, can they? 

Well, back to the business at hand.  I now have to get to one of the three t-shirt drawers. (yikes!)

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