Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blogging 101

This week I signed up with The SITS Girls http://www.thesitsgirls.com/ for a little online training to improve my blog.  After checking out some of the other blogs that signed on, I realized I have a lot more to learn than most do.  First thing I have to improve on is becoming a less boring person. 

Today I was finally able to get into the dirt and plant some flowers.  Normally I'm rushing to get plants in around the first week of June and hope by August the landscaping finally looks good.   But only working part-time now, I really have no excuse and I was actually itching to get started.  Just had to wait on some warm weather and no more frost advisories (fingers crossed). 

My husband was a pig farmer when I married him, so all my decor throughout the house and spilling out into the yard had to do with pigs or farming.  We've been out of the pig business for many years now and I have gotten rid of many of my pigs, but I do still have some I can't part with yet.  Hey, that sounds like another blog sometime!  I'll share my piggie pastime.

I'm not a crafty person, but I would really like to try my hand sprucing up the old deck and backyard this year.   One of my friends made the wine bottle hummingbird feeder that you see in the one picture and I just think that's adorable.  Why can't I think of stuff like that?  I think I will head on over to Pinterest right now and see what I can steal :)

Oh and one more picture of my rhododendron bush this year, the blooms are fantastic on it!  

Happy Planting!

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