Saturday, December 17, 2011

Making Light of a Dark Situation

It seems every year I put up less and less outdoor Christmas lights.  My husband is a scrooge when it comes to decorating so I have to do it myself, which is why there is less.  For the first time ever, I got them up BEFORE Thanksgiving while the weather was decent.  On December 1st I flipped the switch, pretending I was Clark Griswold, and they all worked fine.  Within one week, I had one set of snowflake lights that only worked half the time. When I took them down and laid them on the porch they lit up, picked them up to hang again, they quit.  Did that 3 times! Finally threw them out and replaced with a new string of lights.  On one side of my house I have 2 deer with white lights and animated heads.  On the 2nd week of December my true love gave to me:  one lightless deer's hind-end.  Maybe some hunter shot at it or something.  I have yet to go out and fix that, I've already had to go out and adjust the deer many times because of all the rain we have been getting, the ground isn't hard enough to hold the stakes in.  Can't wait to see what the 3rd week has in store for me!

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