Monday, December 5, 2011

For Giving and Forgetting

Well, the holiday season is upon us.  My office has officially become wrap central.  Bags of items laying around the floor with gifts ready to be wrapped, wrapping paper and bows.  Christmas card boxes, address labels and address book cover the top of my desk.  Thought I was going to be able to get rid of one bag of presents this weekend when family was up from the south.  But guess who forgot to make sure they packed it before they left?  I really think they want us to come down for a visit over Christmas. 
I try not to go overboard for Christmas, I keep a little tablet in my purse of what I have bought for whom, and ideas of what I want to buy.  That way I can also keep an eye on whether I'm keeping everything equal (kids notice those things, you know).  I have been known to forget something I already bought earlier in the summer and hid away in a closet.  Those items later became birthday presents :) 
I am one of those people that have to make lists.  If you want me to remember something, it better be down on paper!  But I also like to make a list of "to do" things, like I'm going to forget to clean the toilet or something.  I like that sense of getting it done, being able to cross another chore off the list. 
Catching up on this blog was on the list.....since last week.  But dang, I get to cross it off now!

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Anonymous said...

hey, I have found your blog. I am impressed but I am somewhat challenged in the techno world so I am not hard to impress. I like the lay out and photos