Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grassroots Support of the Good Ole USA

This weekend the season of Holiday Open Houses was in full force in my small rural hometown.  A good friend and I met 3 days in a row just to attend these local artists and businesses to support them by buying locally for Christmas.  I'm sure you've read the tweets and facebook posts on the subject.  It really got me thinking about doing my part on getting this nation's economy back on the right track.  We, the citizens are the grassroots of the economy, it has trickled down to us.  We must 'Occupy' our own communities and start there and work our way back up to a strong economic country.
Our first open house was just a small vendor show featuring baked goods and party consultants (Avon, Premier Jewelry, etc.).  They had a raffle for some goodies which I obviously didn't win, but I did buy a package of some yummy chocolate Buckeyes.  Second on the list was a place called Glass Pieces, a glass blowing studio where they make beautiful glass art objects.  I picked up 2 gorgeous ornaments, one for my tree and one for a gift.  The last open house was for our local florist Pete's Posey Patch where I purchased 2 more Christmas gifts and enjoyed some punch with a kick. 
Sure I'll still go shopping on Black Friday, but I go more for the ambiance and tradition, I just won't be spending as much money as I have in the past. 

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