Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little About Me

I live on the outskirts of a small rural town with my DH and one adult DD. I work part-time as a township fiscal officer and take care of our household and farm records. My DH is a full-time crop farmer and my DD is working on getting her medical assistant degree. My interests include reading, Nascar (favorite driver is Dale Jr.), watching movies and TV series on DVD (I hope you don't mind my reviews), and spending way too much time on the computer (facebook and twitter). Another interest that I'm working on is scrapbooking. I'm just getting started on this, I have a lot of supplies and ideas, now just trying to organize my office with a designated area to do it in during the long, cold winter.
I mentioned Twitter being one of my interests and I have really become addicted! I think I'm getting the knack of the twitter party scenes although sometimes the feed goes so fast it's hard to keep up. But so far I have won some fantastic prizes and I still can't believe that it is so easy and available. There are some wonderful people and companies out there! There is also a group called Social Media Girlfriends that will make you feel good about yourself and will give you much confidence.
Movie Review:
"Love and Other Drugs"
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway
Wow! This movie is all about sex! Now although Gyllenhaal is looking mighty fine, I can't believe that him or Hathaway agreed to do such a movie with so much nudity and foul language. But then again these days, movies don't seem to become a blockbuster unless they contain these things. Of course it's a love story with a happy ending, but for the most part I thought the movie was a bit of a sleeper.
Well, I'm not really sure what my blog will center around (besides me), but it is my intent to find out what I might have to offer to other readers out there. For the rest of this blistery Sunday though it is my intent to settle into the lazy-boy, catch up on some magazines, and watch the afternoon Nascar race.

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